There is no need to pay $75 or $100 to have someone re-hair your bow once a year.  You can easily do it yourself for a fraction of the cost.

We can supply the hair and all the information necessary for you to do it yourself.

You can even start your own re-hairing business and make a steady income.  No special tools or equipment needed.

High quality natural white unbleached Mongolian horse hair just $10 which includes detailed instructions with photos and access to the instruction video.

Dear rodd,
Thank you so much for these instructions! Easy to understand and follow through on in practice. They are even "rational", unlike some of the cr-- that is out there on this subject. I have Googled this and places like Wikipedia, etc., just have a lame bunch of nonsense!
I intend to begin offering my services on bow rehair here locally, so hope to order more of this. Hopefully, a lot more.
Best Regards,